Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Winnowing Valley

Throughout the Christian life there are times of faith-filled victory and trust as well as times of deep doubt and even crippling despair.  This week I received a call from a dear and trusted friend who has experienced the first but is currently walking through the later.

How about you? Have you too experienced the presence and power of the Lord so undeniably that you were sure that you would never doubt His word or intention for your good ever again?

Most of us would be honest enough to say that these words echo our own experience.  This side of heaven the battle to hold onto the unseen, to trust the eternal and to not give into the world's ways is an everyday reality in the Christian life.

I call these times of struggle and despair: Winnowing Valleys.

Are you familiar with a few of the "winnowing valley" symptoms?

  • Everything that once seemed fine and manageable is now difficult or larger than life.
  • Spiritual truths and principles that were once clear and accepted are now foggy and up for question.
  • Perhaps a particular temptation that you had been victorious over now has a newfound magnetic power.

What is going on??  Where did this come from? Why is this happening?

Questions like these loom and linger.  Somewhere along your journey you have been transported from the majestic mountain top to the vulnerable valley below.

While winnowing valleys are a bit enigmatic in nature their ultimate purpose is always crystal clear... but before we identify the purpose of these strategically appointed seasons, we must know more about Him who oversees the seasons of our lives...

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