Friday, February 13, 2009

Algebra and the Classical Model ?!?

Here we are! In the middle school and early high school years, where algebra is now an everyday reality!

I love teaching my children to conquer new challenges while utilizing the tools of learning - classical model.  Employing grammar and utilizing dialectic skills brings me great joy but it brings me the greatest joy when my children "get it".

Now algebra is all about equations, equations, equations.  Representing problems in an abstract equation and then finding solutions through the use of operations and laws.

Check out my Algebra 1 - Classically under my download folders to the right.  You may find these notes, clearly marked grammar elements and problem-solving dialog helpful in your own algebra journey!

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my DoTell blog! The DoTell blog is mainly a place where I keep my speaking topcis, and soon to be a tie-in to a new ministry project I have in the works.
    However, my blog found here is where I post about family,faith, friends and sometimes food. Stop by sometime.

    I appreciate your outlook on homeschooling. This is my 15th year and I'm always open to someone else's perspective and learning from other hsing moms.


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