Monday, February 9, 2009

Meet Mary Ann Smith, a Sanctified Woman

A son of a widow, my husband, Ed,  is the fifth of five children.  My husband's mother, Mary Ann Smith, was widowed when she was five months pregnant with Ed and caring for her four other children ranging from ages 15yrs to 2 yrs of age.

Talk about a sanctified woman, Mary Ann Smith's life has modeled trust and dependence upon the Lord. Even in the darkest of times, she has chosen Him.

Over the years, we (Ed and I) have come to possess the precious four minute video reels of Mary Ann and her young children.  After inquiring on the cost to transfer some old 8mm video reels to DVD, this past December my husband and I took the task on ourselves.  Over a few days, we transferred some old 4 minute video reels (no sound) to DVD format, adding sound. Creating a tribute to Mary Ann Smith, to her life and sacrifice for her children.  After losing her husband, she raised all five children without remarrying until her youngest was twenty-one years of age.

While the video process was tedious, this past Christmas, with all five adult children present along with several grandchildren, the memories and appreciation were worth all the toil and effort.  Tears of joy and gratitude flowed...

Here is a great picture of Mary and her five children - all adults now with their own children and one even has their own grandchildren!

While I am not able to load the video right now, I am able to share some precious pictures of Mary Ann Smith, her youngest son's family (that would be us!) and other special moments from 2008.

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