Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Recollecting Fearful Family Beginnings and Rejoicing in Festive Family Birthdays

Nauseous and tired, I poured myself into my Maxima at the early hour of 7:30am.  I drove a short distance to our neighborhood drug store, where I waited in the parking lot until 8:00am when the doors would opened.  While waiting, I pulled out my small Bible and began to read Psalm 139.  In my heart I knew I was pregnant, but my mind needed E.P.T. to make it real. 

I was 26. I began to cry. Me, a mother? I can't do this. What does this really mean? In my heart, I knew someone was getting ready to come into my world that would make me want to sacrifice many of my current comforts and perhaps delay a few of my personal dreams.  My own sleeping schedule, study schedule, speaking, teaching, work opportunities, etc.  I was good at my work, in ministry, but I wasn't so sure how I would fair as a mother...

In short, the reeling weight of pending responsibility had crashed into my world.  Don't get me wrong, I understood how this all occurred.  Ed and I had talked about it a few short months ago. However, talking and reality are often two different worlds, aren't they?

Several months later, on October 13th, 1995, Daniel Edward Shirley was born.  My first born.  Named after Daniel in the Bible, Edward after Ed's family name.  He came quietly into the world, almost peaceful.  His easy going nature continues to be his character trade mark as He has grown.

Daniel's First B-day

This week is Daniel's Birthday!

Happy 13th Birthday Daniel!

Daniel, just when I thought it wasn't possible, I find myself liking you more and more every year! 

Isn't he cute!  Wait until you meet him in person - he's even better!

Are you scratching your head, wondering more about my transition from a sought-after corporate business analyst and project manager to a full-time stay-at-home mom?  Well more on that another day...

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