Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For Whom the Bell Tolls (part 1)

He approached with downcast eyes. In a meek voice, "Mom, the dentist needs to talk to you." A distinctly different entrance into the waiting room than my other two children after their dentist visit.

As you remember, Caleb and I had been working on life lessons, as it related to listening, responsibility and oral hygiene.  See Responsibility Merge Ahead post.

I proceeded to the dreaded dentist area and was greeted with the information that Caleb did indeed have four cavities.  Now you have to understand, Caleb is more adverse to discomfort than my other two.  So he was already calculating in his mind the "sleepy juice" shot and the drilling, and his heart was most distraught.

Later, as we all piled into the van, Caleb's first words were, "Mom, is there any way to undo the cavities without going back to the dentist?" (and going through the discomfort is the implied meaning here).

"No, my precious son, but I'll go with you and I'll pay the bill.  Remember my words of counsel, reminding and warning (again refer to my previous post) are for your good and your protection."

Enough said today.  This moment needs to soberly simmer in the heart of my beloved son.  This moment must not be rushed nor relieved, it must simmer.

Now, you draw the powerful parallel.

While immediately inconvenient and ignorantly unappreciated, the Lord's counsel and warnings are for our great protection and benefit.  He sees down the road, the consequences and the cost...  While he covers the cost, alas the consequences, at some level, will have to be walked out.

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  1. This was such a good post. Something I needed to hear this morning.

    I wanted to drop by and say thank you for your comment and to tell you that I DO remember all those other artists. I was at a Truth (remember THEM?) concert when they announced that the guys were going to head out on their own to start 4Him. I can still hear Andy singing "Where There Is Faith."

    And if you missed my first post about Christian music, go here and watch those videos! The first on you will recognize. The second one...not so much! : )


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