Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to Essentials Excavations!

Welcome 2008/2009 Essentials parents!

This is a special thread of postings for the local Essentials program that I tutor. This label is called Essentials Excavations.

I will be posting information regarding the EEL portion of Essentials including parent-teacher encouragement and high-level class notes. I hope to have a new post every Monday (at least for the first semester!)

Why have I labeled these postings Essentials Excavations? Well of course, this is the Essentials program, which contains language and arithmetic essentials, but I have also chosen this post label for the following reasons:

Essentials... because we will be learning the essential pieces of language construction and special keys that will help us unlock and understand the embedded structure code within all romance languages.

Excavations... because WE (that's right you, me and the students) will be mining valuable language gems and discovering foundational language structures that date back to beginning of the romance languages. Cool!!

What we unearth will greatly benefit your current written and oral language skills, as well as your future language studies!

As with any educational endeavor parents involvement and leadership is key! May the Lord bless you in this coming year as we learn more about language this coming year!

So let's start digging!

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  1. Oh long and witty comment was deleted. UGH to blogger.
    Anyhow...I will be visiting on Mondays and gleaning what I can. I am a bit nervous...believe it or not.
    Are you starting this coming week?


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