Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Great Get-A-Way

For the last few years a couple of special friends and I and all our kids get away!

We have fun, relax, read, make memories, and enjoy the beauty of God's creation!

This year was no different - check out the slide show!

This year...

We rode the waves hard,

Learned how to manage "chaffing" a bit better,

Refereed kids "considering others",

Celebrated the b-day of the first teenager among us,

Chocolate dumplings (yes - chocolate!),

Girls cooking the big, birthday breakfast,

Beach runs to the pier and back,

Kite flying, putting together puzzles and guitar playin',

Waited, and waited, and waited for a magical sea turtle hatch,

Laughed until we cried,

Hebrew/Genesis experiences,

Flashlight walks on the beach,

Mark Daniel enjoying the beach (fully!),

Swapped recipes and cooking tips,

Shared home schooling, mothering and life tips and stories,

and much, much more!

Favorite beach quote:

Rachel "My hair is a wreck!"

Thank you Erin and Sheila - these are special days!

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