Friday, May 22, 2009

Today I am off to NCHE...

My yearly pilgrimage to our state's local convention for home schoolers, North Carolina Home Educators, is here.  Our local conference is around the third largest in the nation (the last time I checked anyway), with thousands and thousands in attendance.

This sea of families gathers to be inspired AND often overwhelmed.  Inspired by the plethora of spell-binding speakers and overwhelmed by the plethora of undergirding resources.religion

I fondly remember my arrival to this strange and new land, the land of the blue jean jumpers (of which I have never owned) and families with more than 1.7 children (having three children of my own). Initially, I remember experiencing a lack of connection with this unfamiliar land of people, but more of a new found sense of independence and freedom.  Independence to make the best decisions for and with my children in regards to their education, and the freedom to chose from a variety of resources and methods to cultivate a students of wisdom and virtue.

I have to confess, this newfound freedom and independence has been frightening at times, and a bit uncomfortable even. However, after years of making this pilgrimage and years of learning how to learn, I have become less overwhelmed.  I now embrace each year of my independence and freedom with more and more vision and anticipation.  Fear of the unknown has gradually given way to an intrepid yet sober vigilance to embrace this new land.

How about you, fellow pilgrim?

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