Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Water, Water... Every... Where?

There are weeks and months that are busier than others. Well... May, June and early July were like that for our family. Speaking at three CC Parent Practicums that were out of state, a CC leadership team meeting on another week, and throw in a couple of family birthdays, and well... Let's just say we were way out of our routine.

Finally, on a quiet afternoon in July, after a couple conference calls and a long walk, I decide it is time to take a nice warm shower. Once I was in the bathroom and ready to hop in the shower, I turned the knob, and .... nothing... unable to process what was happening, I turned the knob several times from off to on, off to on... nothing.

I yell for my daughter to go check with our neighbors, to see if they had water. She runs out the door. A thought flashes through my mind... did I miss my water bill? I quickly jump online to my bank account, and the record shows that I DID miss my payment! The nine years in this home, and really over my 17 years of marriage, I had not ever recalled paying a bill late, much less ever missing a bill. I mean totally missing a bill!

Sheepishly, I called the water company and promptly paid the bill over the phone. My water was back on later that evening. I called my friends and my husband, who all proceeded to laugh at my expense! (literally)

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