Saturday, July 5, 2008

Speaker Bio

Heather, an inspirational speaker and teacher, has been home schooling her three children since 2000. When she began her home schooling journey, she was overwhelmed and undirected. Recognizing this was a formula for frustration and defeat; the Lord graciously intervened and brought tools and people across her path to help her gain clarity and direction for her family’s home schooling journey.
A graduate from the University of Louisville with a degree in Mathematic and Computer Engineering, Heather’s career path took a turn after the birth of their first child. Heather felt compelled to make the raising of their family a matter of great priority, and was later impressed to explore the possibility of home schooling. A new journey had begun. The journey has been quite a process, including times of struggle, sacrifice, and weakness, and other times of great joy, strength, and fruit.
Heather enjoys speaking and teaching, and currently serves an integral part of Classical Conversations leadership team. She has taught Precept studies for over 10 years. She has taught and spoken at women's conferences, as well as parenting workshops and practicums.
Heather, and her husband Ed, live in NC, where they teach and disciple their children to use their lives and talents for the glory of God. It brings them great joy to guide their children in knowing God’s ways, recognizing counterfeit “worldly ways”, and praying for them to choose to trust and live more fully for the Lord; knowing His ways bring immense blessing, purpose, confidence, and peace that the world can’t duplicate or touch.