Monday, August 24, 2009

Rainbows as Reminders

Have you ever had moments of desperation?

Seasons of life that drive you to your knees? To your face?

Not necessarily a moment or season of difficult circumstances or outward trials, but an inward hunger and thirst for righteousness – right-ness with your Lord.

The anguish of heart, as you desire to know that you are pleasing Him first and foremost – not yourself and not merely a people-pleaser.

Do you ever have an overwhelmingly keen sense of your own inadequacy? The “Whom am I Lord…?” syndrome?

Who am I Lord…

  • … to steward the lives of these children?
  • … to respect and help my husband?
  • … to teach your word to others?
  • … to minister to other parents?
  • … to lead areas of a national homeschooling organization?
  • … to teach my children at home?
  • … to manage the monthly grocery bill?!!!

Often times these roles and responsibilities overwhelm me like a flood! My frailties floating higher and higher around me. How about you? Do you ever feel that you will drown in the sheer volume of responsibilities contained in your day-to-day life?

Do you ever need a reminder that He is in charge? That He oversees the affairs of your life? That He will not allow the flood to overtake you?

Well… these last few months have been like this for me.

This morning I intentionally cried out to God and poured out my heart before Him! Wrestling with Him for His perfect work in my life, in lives of our family, in our community, in our church, in Classical Conversations and beyond.

As I went out to the mail box around 7:10am this morning to put something in the mailbox (which is NOT a normal habit of mine :))…

I turned around to head back toward my house, and here is what I saw!


NOW…. Does that rainbow look like it is perfectly and personally encircling my house?

You tell me?



Do you, like me, sometimes need a rainbow to remind you of who He is? His faithfulness?

Let me share mine with you today!

He’s bigger than our floating frailties that can seek to sink us!

Grace and peace along sanctification’s way….


Go Deeper…

Read Genesis 9:8-17 for more on God instituting the rainbow as a sign of His covenant (solemn, binding promise).

By the way… What did I put in the mailbox? My payment for the upcoming Catalyst Conference. I look forward to what the Lord is doing among His people and the next generation! I want to be in on it!

What is the Catalyst Conference? Check out this link:

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  1. Wow, Heather, that is beautiful. I once had a similar experience with a rainbow, in a moment of despair.

    As it was, my school morning almost veered totally out of control this morning. It was disheartening but I have been doing this long enough not to be too surprised when my best laid plans 'gang aft aglee.' Still it was frustrating.


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