Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Locks of Love

Well after almost 3 years, or maybe more...  Emily's hair is long enough for Locks of Love. What is Locks of Love?

BTW - the friend on the left, Kelsey, also donated her lovely locks to Locks of Love!  Way to go girls!

And here is Emily now!

Cute and sassy!

We hope Emily's locks will bless another!

And oh... BTW  - Dottie got her hair cut today too!



  1. Emily, that is so cool!! My daughter is growing her hair out to donate, too.

  2. Very, very cute. Way to go Emily. Dottie is stylin', too.

  3. Oh - tell Emily that WE LOVE IT!! I cut a bunch of Abby's hair as well, it wasn't quite long enough for Locks of Love.

  4. Oh, one more thing. I tried to click on your links for the Classical Overview but it doesn't let you go to the file. Any suggestions?


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