Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shirley Top 10 List (from 2003)

Posted in honor of a few of my special "sister sojourners" of the last nine years.
I love you, and am thankful for each of you! The laughter, tears, and prayers are special treasures!

10. Your youngest son, who admires Steve Erwin (the crocadile hunter guy), catches a worm in the back yard and says "Mom! Mom! Look! She's a beauty!"

9. You realize you've lost touch with reality when you recite to your daughter why we don't do something. After speaking nonstop, without taking a breath for 15 minutes, - Emily tears up and says truthfully "Mom I can't remember all that."

8. Laundry is an adventure. Silly putty, lego men, chapstick, rolley polleys are all potential pocket dwellers.

7. "Mom! Jack (the family dog) wanted some of my food - so we played follow-the-leader and I led her to her food and she ate!" - life inside the mind of Caleb.

6. Moments of irony... Emily says "Mom I want my hair to be darker like yours", while mom is sitting in a salon chair with aluminum foil in her hair - her highlighting treatment.

5. You know your youngest is growing up too fast when you tell him (Caleb - 3 years old) "No snacks - dinner is almost ready." With advanced reasoning skills he replies, "Mooommm... What if I was the adult and you were the kid... and you wanted a snack and I said no... Would you be happy at me?"

4. Family phrase of the year - "Are you happy at me?"

3. Your daughter is going to be a woman of determination and cleanliness. She is able to dry & fold laundry, empty the dishwasher, clean a bathroom fairly well at the strapping age of 5.

2. "Moooomm... BOYS wipe to the front! GIRLS wipe to the back!" - another glimpse into the mind of Caleb!

1. You try to hold it together as your daughter has, unknowingly to you, opened a beauty palor in the upstairs bathroom. Trying to "fix" the shorter piece of hair that was cut to remove gum 2 months earlier, she cuts her hair back to her scalp. Proudly she announces "Look mom - you know that piece of hair that was a little shorter than the rest of my hair - I fixed it! I cut it all the way to the top of my head!" Being an "in-touch" mother... Three hours later you catch a glimpse at the back of Caleb's head and see a sizeable chunk of hair missing... "EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!"

SMILE!It's an adventure! Learning to enjoy the journey!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! I leave for a few days, and come back and you have taken blog land by storm. Who did your blog design? I really need to do just takes time to think about what I want. I see you're getting an Essential site up...glad I'll be able to peek. I couldn't get on there though?

  2. WOW!!!! Great looking blog! I love what you have done here. You are either a renaissance woman or know someone who is very talented.


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