Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Mother's Call

A mother is one who gives her all,
Teaching and kneeling in answer to her call,
To guide, train, and shape her little ones,
Firmly, yet tenderly, nurturing daughters and sons.

Building a foundation of truth and endurance, of love and grace,
Training her children as they prepare for life’s marathon race.
Knowing that her influence leaves an everlasting imprint on each heart,
While prayerfully committing the inward transformation as the Father’s part.

Her heart’s cry…
Be gentle yet steadfast, my Lord, with these as they go,
Faithfully watering and nurturing the seeds you and I sow.
Diligently pruning weeds and wild vines wherever they grow.

That when our lives on earth do end,
All my little one’s hearts You will mend,
And in eternity together, we will spend.

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