Friday, July 25, 2008

Ode to Essentials

EEL is like language “structure” (the building)
IEW is like language “arts” (the décor)

EEL teaches language building blocks
IEW teaches writing and expression building blocks

EEL teaches detailed analytical thinking and romance language structure.
IEW teaches techniques for written expression

EEL focuses on the micro level – sentences to words and to revealing the underlying vocabulary code of language building blocks - learning syntax, structure and sentence components.
IEW focuses on the macro level – to topics to paragraphs to sentences – focus is on ideas and information being well expressed.

EEL is more comfortable for some students – as it is more exact and structured – some students find success here more quickly than others. There is a “right answer”
IEW is more comfortable for other students – as it has more room for expression, creativity – some students enjoy success here quicker than other.

IEW talks about using prepositional openers, adverbs, quality adjectives…
EEL defines the vocabulary used in IEW and writing techniques…

EEL teaches me to thoughtfully read God’s word, to make sure I understand who or what a pronoun is referring to, what the verb tense indicates, and more – important points as I seek to apply God’s promises, instructions, and imperatives to my life…
IEW teaches me how to paraphrase God’s word, and eventually retell the truths I have mediated upon ...

What is EEL? CC's Language and Grammar curricullum - The Essentials of the English Language Guide
What is IEW? This is Institute for Excellence in Writing approach to writing.

EEL and IEW complement each other wonderfully… And we haven't even spent time talking about the fun arithmetic games!

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